Cinnamon Rolls

by Mark Gunderman

Sweet Dough

475g Bread Flour

500g AP Flour

264g Water

264g Milk

94g Honey

56g Sugar

123g Butter

19g Salt

8g Yeast

I mix as a straight dough.

Add all ingredients – mix for one minute on Speed 1 and fuve minutes on Speed 4. (I use a KA). The dough should be smooth and satiny – lightly sticky.

Allow to rise until “double”. This will be a fairly slow rise due to the smaller amount of yeast – a few hours.

Roll out to 26″ x 18″ (I use no flour when rolling)


165g Soft Butter

250g Sugar

24g Cinnamon mixture

Mix Cinnamon and sugar together – set aside

Spread butter on the 18″ x 26″ dough rectangle – edge to edge

Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mix on top of butter – evenly distributing across the dough

Roll up from the long side. Keep the roll tight and not loose. Use a dough scraper as needed if dough tries to stick.

At the end – pinch the edge along the length of the roll.

Lightly dust the outside with flour.

Cut ~1″ off each end and discard. (If you don’t want to discard – roll to 24″ x 18″)

For 6 per pan – cut to 2″ widths and place 2×3 in a 9×13″ pan

For 12 per pan – cut to 1″ widths and place 3×4 in a 9×13″ pan

Allow to rise until they have increased by 2/3 volume.

Bake at 350f for ~32 minutes (tops should be lightly browning). If you use a darker pan, reduce time by 4-5 minutes.

Remove to cool.


66g Butter

25g Cream Cheese

45g Milk

412g Powdered Sugar

5g Vanilla

Cream butter, cream cheese and 100g of powdered sugar.

Add remaining ingredients and beat until creamy and lightly fluffy.

After the rolls have cooled for 10-15 minutes – frost rolls.

I use a standard kitchen spoon – a rounded scoop per roll – and then spread around the rolls with the back of the spoon. Add more or less as suits your taste.